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Odisha Sahitya Akademi Bhubaneswar
Madala Panji is the record of the temple of Jagannath preserved by the kings written on the palm leaf manuscripts. It is known as Madala Panji or the Drum Chronicle because of the drum like shape of palm leaf manuscripts of these records assume when bond together with strings. This Chronicle has two principal parts. In one part describe various ceremonies at the shrine of Jagannath in all the details. The other part describe the ruling dynasties and the individual rulers of Odisha who traditionally without exception have accepted Jagannath as the divine source of their sanction and fountainhead for the mysterious spiritual influence on the people of Odisha. This Chronicle is supposed to have been started with the command of the first king of Ganga Dynasty Chodoganga Deba during 12th century. Three separate families of Karanas( writers) have been keeping these records generations after generations which is kept in the temple itself. Written by the professional employees of the temple these records however have little literary value. But this chronicles have provided the raw material for excellent Kavyas and Nataks in Odia through many romantic legends. Their languages generally inartistic, but there worth as literature lies in the social pictures they present in different historical periods.