Chettinadu Nagarathar

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History, lifestyle, Customs, and Culture of Nagarathar The people of this community were philanthropic and well-educated. Nobody was illiterate at this place. Nobody used a thumb impression as a signature. All people migrated from Solapuram. They traveled to many communities but did not coverted themselves in Hinduism. It is divided into many parts- Chara Guka Kothiyaram Its story is about the Saundarapandian, the Pandya king who visited the Chaura kingdom and met the Rajbhusa Chaura. Lifestyle Nagara kovil people used to worship Lord Morgan. They were very hardworking. They used to travel a lot while they knows that their return is not certain still they used to travel in the sea with or without a ship also. They taught Burma people how to cultivate in the barren fields and make them wealthy. People were very wealthy in this place but they used to spend their money on a noble cause. People were busy in the rubber business there. The Temple and divisions Here God/Goddess were divided and it has different branches also. People were attached to the temple. Material wealth was necessary to live, which made them cross to sea to seek wealth. They constructed the center for free food distribution, religious education centers, and temple renovation. Along with these activities they were engaged in laying water pandals and setting up a flower garden for the temple. Nagarathar is not just the name of the community but a symbol of Tamil culture. Mahamai Mahamai is the ancient Nagarathar Customs. Free food is distributed in a temple called Annadanam. Marriage Ponkuduttal The groom's family gives gold to the bride's family to wear to the bride. Kovilal Solrathu It refers to registering two weddings in a temple. The pujaris and Priest read the Panchangam and the wedding date is selected. ManaiPoduthal This ceremony consists of constructing a brick to sit to the couple. Kappu Kathauthal or Bagavanam When the bride reaches the groom's home before the wedding a bamboo pole is stuck on the ground and a piece of Kilvai stump is stuck on it. This plant grows naturally later. It means the family tree grows fast like the Silvia plant. Poonam Iduthal In this ceremony, brides receive the blessings of elders in the family. Saptapadi In this ceremony, the end of the clothes of the couple is tied together and the couples walk around the sacred fire seven times. Isaiah Pidimanam This ceremony takes place when the marriage is completed. Chettinadu House and safe locker These houses are built rectangular. It has many windows and pillars. Thinaai It is a type of sitting area where people used to sit and talk and predict. Crafts Nagarathar has a rich tradition of craft. Sastiapthapoorthi It is a significant event in every Nagarthar. Culture of Nagarthar It has a textiles shop, cotton fabric is handmade. It has a brass items wedding silver also. It has spicy cuisine also. Temple festival falls from January to February month.