Bhasha Sanchika

Bhasha Sanchika is the digital language repository of the Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL), where language preservation, dissemination, and technological advancement converge in a pioneering initiative.

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  • Bharatavani
    Bharatavani is a project with the objective of delivering knowledge in and about all the languages in India in multimedia (text, audio, video, images) formats through an online portal.
  • Bhasha Mandakini
    Bhasha Mandakini is CIIL’s flagship programme that aims to uphold the rich tradition and culture associated with Indian languages, literature, and diverse communities through audio-visual presentations in documentaries.
  • CIIL Publications
    The CIIL publications include materials produced by the members of the staff of the Institute and its Regional Language centers and associated scholars from Universities and other educational Institutions.
  • CIIL Visual Archive
    A collection of the images and videos collected over a period of time through various research works, projects, and academic events taking place within CIIL or elsewhere, including that of field works undertaken at various places.
  • Classical Languages
    These Research Centers will work on various schemes and activities identified by the Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysuru, which includes research, documentation, propagation and teaching of the language.
  • National Tape Archive
    The National Tape archive came into existance during 1970s at the Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysuru, to document and preserve languages, especially the oral traditions and cultures of indigenous and endangered language speakers of the country.
  • Policy Documents
    This section contains documents related to the policies of the government of India, state governments and that of the Institute as approved by mandated bodies. The sections aims to act as an archive of all such documents.
  • Scheme for Protection and Preservation of Endangered Languages
    The Ministry of Education (erstwhile Ministry of Human Resource Development), Government of India, instituted the Scheme for Protection and Preservation of Endangered Languages (SPPEL) at the Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysuru in 2013 with an aim of preserving and documenting the endangered & lesser-known languages that are at the verge of extinction in India.