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Odisha Sahitya Akademi Bhubaneswar
Rudra Sudha Nidhi( the Treasure Casket of the Nectar of Rudra) is the earliest complete prose work in Odia. Most of the scholars placed this text in the13th century. Though it was a pioneering venture by Narayana anda Abadhuta Swami, a Saivite mendicant of Bhubaneswar, it is surprisingly excellent and naturally created to propagate the virtue and power of Rudra. Combining the qualities of prose and poetry this text is quite unique for its creativity, artistic execution and romantic imagination. It comments in itself in beautiful harmony romance and austerity, asceticism and sensuousness, classical dignity and romantic freedom. Though it is undoubtedly prose the lines somehow rhyme almost after every third sentence the natural result of the reach alliterative and rhythmic prose that the author employed for his work is the medium fit for his mythological and romantic story. While mixed with the poetry this prose book Rudra Sudha Nidhi is one of the most effective as prose also it is the best of the period because of its complete expressiveness and strong individuality.