ସୀସୁ ବେଦ

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Odisha Sahitya Akademi Bhubaneswar
Sisu Veda is a remarkable production in more ways than one Saivite in content; it is linguistically the last lingering echo of the Buddhist Apabhransa compositions of 7th to 9th century. This Sisu Veda is the unmistakable link between that Apabhransa and modern Odia of Sarala Dasa completing the chain that started with the inscription of Kharabela in the first century BC and evolved slowly but steadily by a simple natural process. Dealing with the esoteric knowledge of tantra this is written throughout in lilting metres of the Buddhist lyrics and hence it is pleasant both to read and to hear. Much more remarkable than the verses at the prose commentaries following each verse in this text. This archaic prose speaks of its own antiquity. It has the hesitant manner and the half articulate character of a Pioneer attempt. It undoubtedly belongs to the same category as the temple inscriptions of the 12th- 13th centuries. There is no doubt that this is the earliest literary prose in Odia.