Folk Mahabharath Part-1

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Siddhusetti, a folk singer was born in Bettadabidu. It is a small village in the taluk of the Mysore district. His mother was Siddama and his father was Guddamaraiya, who was a potter by profession and folk singer by passion. After his father's death, Siddhusetti becomes a folk singer. The people of Bettadabidu were fascinated by his singing of folk Mahabharatha. He was known by the name of Siddusetti of Bettadabidu. Siddusetti has two sons. He sang the tales of Siddapaji, Mahadeshwara, Sankamma, and so on. He got several awards in folk singing. Siddusetti used to sing Mahabharatha in Mysore. He liked all characters of Mahabharatha like Karan, Arjun, Yudhisthir, Draupadi, etc. He used to tell the people through his singing about this character and the reason behind their name and fame in Mahabharatha. He sang in his singing why Dhritarashtra was born blind and whose curse make him blind at the next birth? He told how Kunti was born and after Kunti how the country is worshipped? He told the people when and how Mahabharatha originated? His Folk singing was recognized by folklore scholar Dr.P.K.Rajshekhara and he at once began to collect it with great zeal. In a way, Mahabharatha is a living fossil. The works you call Vyasa, Bharata or Valmiki Ramayan have both originated from folk Mahabharatha. He used to tell the people how some places' names have connected to the character of Mahabharatha. Though the folk people take a delight in reinterpreting the significance of places in the Mahabharatha. According to the folk Mahabharatha Krishna was working on the constructive aspect and Shakuni on the destructive aspect. According to folk Mahabharatha when the mind is acceptable to charity it must be carried out without any delay. He told the greatness of Karna. Siddusetti sang the epic all alone from start to end.