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Kenchaiah, a renowned craftsman who makes some of the most eye-catching toys and dolls of Chanapattana. His nimble fingers reveal his over fifty years of experience in the craft. His eyes shine with pride when he says that he has trained over 400 craftsman in laquerware technique. The channapattana lacquerware which catches the fancy of children and elders alike is one of the most popular crafts of Karnataka with its bright look, dazzling colors, and lowly craftsmanship. It leaves an indelible expression on one’s mind. Channapattana, the cradle of this beautiful craft is located at 60kms of Bengaluru in the Bengaluru-Mysore highway. This place is a busy commercial hub and a taluk in the Raamnagara district. In Channapattana and some of the villages like Tattekere, Manglawara Pete, Kariyappana Doddi, Harisandra, Neelasandra, Sunghatta, Lalaghatta, Honganahalli, Bannikuppe, and Sannahalli. Thousands of families depend on this traditional craft for their livelihood. In most of the houses in these villages, you can see artisans engrossed in making various kinds of Lacquerware. This craft practiced in Karnataka has a history of more than two centuries. It is said that Tipu Sultaan had brought the artisans from Persia to train the Toymakers. Baba Saheb Miyan Saheb, popularly known as Bawasmiyan, is a local artist known as the originator of the craft in Channapattana nearly areas. Basawmia’s grandfather was a classmate of the Mysore Maharaja. When the Britishers asked the Maharaja whom to send to Japan for learning the machine work. Bawasmia’s name was suggested. After the training, He came back to channapattana and set up the machines. As time passed, Many others developed expertise in the craft. But Bawasmia, who taught this technology to all is the true founder of machine Lathe technology. The exclusive Halewood is used for making Lacquerware. It constitutes a cheap raw material and it is close-grained and moderately hard. Now, the health-conscious international market demands the use of natural colors. For this reason, some exporters make colors from Turmeric, Rathan Joth leaf, Katta, Annato, Angeria, Kumkum, Alale Kaayi flower, manjiish ta, and skin of the pomegranate fruit. The Channapattana lacquerware toys, dolls, and other articles with their competent prices and attractive finesse have excellent market demand. Only when the lacquerwares of Channapattana get their due recognition in the world and domestic market then the lives of those who depend on this traditional industry for livelihood will be reformed.