B.M. Srikantayya - Part 2 -Eng

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In Kalidasa’s drama ‘Abhigyana Shakuntalam’, It was Kanva who sheltered and supported Shakuntala. Similarly, At a time the Kannada language stagnated, It was BM Sri who supported its development. Thus, he has been conferred with the title “Kannada Kanva’’. BM Sri has shown how to adopt the rhyme into poetry using a blend of metrical forms. He has done two types of experiments from the language point of view. One is experimenting with colloquial words and the second one is adopting colloquial rhythms into the poetic language. An observation of the portion written on meters in his ‘Kannada kaipidi’, whenever we come across his poem we find usage of words, grouping craft, and base construction. In the metrical form of Kannada, English Geethegalu has opened up a new royal root in the history of Kannada literature, and thereby the name of BM Shri has remained immortal. Sanskrit dominated the typical kind of meter verses in Kannada metrical form without alternatives Indianised poetic forms like triplets etc. were basically taken from the free verse form in Kannada. Kannada type of metrical forms is not at all in practice. Thereafter, Six line stanzas called Shakpadi became powerful due to the influence of prosodical units. The Kannada meter remained as a symbol of Dravidian metrical form. One or two new forms are rarely seen in Yakshagana. BM Sri’s reverence for the rulers of Mysore, his love towards Karnataka, and profound Patriotic feelings are noticed in his poetic collections ‘ Honganasugalu’. He also wrote a drama named ‘Ashwathaman’ which is a transcreation of the Greek drama Ajax of Shophocles. He has made the language rich by introducing new records through his organizing capabilities as a language planner. It was a longing desire for BM Sri to see Kannada be in the calculation in all walks of life. The only obstacle to this desire to take shape was the script. More the letters, more tedious, lesser letters were a boon to the typewriters. Thus, he thought of reforming the letters by writing the secondary symbols of length by the side of short vowel. Likewise using the aspirated symbol for a consonant that is similar to non-aspirated consonant, will also convey the intention. While presenting the new literature models retaining their nativity, He blessed the people of Karnataka with the slogan ‘Kannadam gentle kannadam baalge’(Long Live Kannada).