Dr. V. Sitaramaiah 1899-1983 The Lyrical Poetic Genius

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In the world of Kannada literature, There is no one who does not know the famous V. Sitaramiah. He was born in Bengaluru. During the course of his lifetime, he became synonymous with Mysore Peta. Similarly, he showed a lot of interest in music also. He would attend all the music concerts. During his intermediate days, he wrote an article that shows his fluency and knowledge of English. During the five years of his education, he stayed with Choubina Subharao. He met the greats of the Kannada literature world. T.S venkanniah, A.K Krishna Shastri, A.N Narasimaiah, M.R Srinivasa Murthy, and others became a bridge for him to get into the world of literature because of this contact with those great people he was able to bring the dramas of Varadacharya’s BellariRaghavacharya on the stage. In 1995, he got retired from Mysore university. Eminent people were his students like G.S Shivarudahaprasad, H.M. Nayak, D.R B.G.L Swami, and L.S Seshagiri Rao. After his retirement, he joined All India Radio in Bengaluru. From 1956 to 1958, He worked as the program director. Though he departed from this world, he left behind a huge legacy of literary work for people to relish. In 1927, He wrote ‘ Pampa Yathare’ a Travelogue which he wrote after visiting the Hampi. It was a great epic that linked the past and presents a bond of relationships in one period. This book became very popular, inspired by its popularity he wrote another book in 1931 called Geetgani. It was a compilation of poems. He wrote about a relationship between a man and a woman and about love, trust, and the simplicity and beauty of life. No other contemporary poet has written as many poems as Shri V. Sitaramiah. In 1973, He wrote a book called Hana Prapancha. This book was about social reforms and economic status. In those days very few people wrote Kannada books. In his book Fact and Value, he has written about social and political responsibilities, public life, etc. He wrote a play called Agraha. This was a play about Mahabharata. The story of Ashwasthama. In addition to this, he translated the great writer named Shaw’s Pygmalion into Kannada. He also wrote a work on Mahakani Pampa in English. To remember Shri V. Sitaramiah is to remember a great man and this documentary keeps his memory retained for generations to come.