Folk Performing Arts of Southern Karnataka - Part-1

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Each of these performing arts has been identified with a particular community in Karnataka. As these communities have their own historical growth so also the folk arts are part of this historicity. The primary purpose of this folk art is not entertainment. They represent the social-cultural and economic aspirations of the communities in which they were born. As these have retained their entertaining value they also have retained their costume, Jewelry, unique dance style, literature, and music. Musical Instrument oriented dance, Worship oriented, and entertainment-oriented. Thus they bring holistic perspectives that merge music, dance, and ritual. However, each performing art is different imbibing various elements of environment and society. Nandikolu Kunitha is the center of attraction of Dasara festival Mysuru, festival and village fair. Nandi Kamba worship, Kamba is a huge pillar. The Nandi dance or the Nandi Dhwaja could be seen all over Karnataka. The artists who perform this Nandhi Dhwaja belong to the Veerashaiva cult. It also represents the victory of Veerashaiva culture in Karnataka. Nandi kolu has several name Birade Kamba, Vyaasa Golu, Nandi kamba etc. In this dance, many instruments have been used eg. by teammates, including Nagari, Karade, Jamaica, and Naadaswara. The Nandi culture is synonymous with the Shaiva tradition. Therefore, before the beginning of the Dasara procession, the Nandi Dhwaja is worshipped. Veerabhadra Kunitha, earlier times in Verrashaiva tradition was known as Shaiva Tradition. Hence the words Veera & Shiva denote velour. They are called Lingada Beeraru in Mysore. The story narrates how the demon Daksha performs the Yagna ritual in order to attain the power of Shiva. Veeramakkala Kunitha, this dance is found in Mysore, Mandya, and Tumsur. It is performed in School or in village worship before the deity. Apart from this, the dance has become training in order to gain physical strength. Thus, this dance combines both physical as well as mythological aspects of life.